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Business Partners

A financial sponsor is considered a business partnership to GrateMinds Productions. We hold all of our sponsors with high regard and actively wish to return your courteous investments with praise and financial returns.

Why Sponsor Us?

We are a growing team of ambitious film makers in a market that is ever booming. People from around the world will see our production work. In the same, they will see our sponsors, creating a worldwide advertising platform for our sponsors. But this is not where the perks end. We also offer a 2% on ALL backend from our back end (profits).*


There is never a reward without some risks. We are about openness with our potential sponsors because without trust, there is no platform to build a relationship. There is always the potential for a production to not go as well as anticipated. So this, as with any other investment, has the potential to flop. But we will ALWAYS strive to make sure that never happens!


*Our incentive program offers 2% of all of our back end after production with a 200% cap of your sponsorship amount.. What does this mean? that means that if you provide a sponsorship donation of $10,000, then you will receive 2% of every payment we revive from our distributors up to $20,000. Why? Because you believed in us enough to sponsor us, and because we believe in helping those who help us. 

Full Circle. 

Aside from potentially doubling your initial investment, you will also be listed on our official web page and in our production as a sponsor. Additionally, if you have products unique to your company, we will strategically place your product in our film. Any financial sponsors who offer large sums may also be eligible to be listed as an Executive Producer in our film.