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Curious To See What Projects We're Working On?

This page is dedicate to showing you what Feature Films we working on. Find out how you can help contribute to our productions below!

Feature Film

"Jeff & Joan"

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Locations: Upstate South Carolina

Featuring: Chad Dudley & Charlotte Paige

Estimated Final Cut Date: July 1, 2019

Estimated Run Time: Approx. 50min

The Pitch

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Feature Film

"She Talks To Angels"

A heroine addict stuck in a sex trafficking ring forces herself into a miscarriage, is beaten and nearly killed when a figure comes to her. After his healing touch revives her from near-death, she decides that it's time to change her lifestyle. In this heart tugging, religion based story, we see the amazing struggle to find redemption in her life. She fights to go from prostitute to life changing humanitarian, who leads other women into the light, freedom and ultimately, salvation.