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Cast & Crew

No production can be accomplished without a great cast and crew. The GrateMinds crew is one of the finest. Their wide array of talents and skillsets are unparalleled in the South Carolina film industry.

The Production Team

Your Film Projects Are In Good Hands!

Jerry Addis

Founder / Director

Jerry founded GrateMinds Prod. in 2006 when he was a new soldier in the U.S. Army. He began filming small documentaries about his units, one notable was while he was in Iraq operating in his Guntruck Platoon. 

He graduated from Carolina Film Inst. in 2012 and was taught in everything from screenwriting as an understudy of MaryEdith Burrell (actress and writer for sitcoms & major films, and host for "Fridays"), to basic and advanced filmography under Brad Hoover.

Jerry has a very extensive background in film editing, lighting and other components of film. His main inspiration comes from writer, director and actor, Charlie Chaplain, and strongly admires Buster Keaton, Stephen King, and Adam Sandler.

Sam Owens

CO / Assistant To Director 

Sam Owens is a South Carolina native. She developed a passion for writing at an early age and has been featured in numerous local publications. For several years, Sam has authored a blog on WordPress documenting her struggles in co-parenting and everyday life. 

She also worked as a freelance journalist for The Examiner in Greenville, SC. Only recently introduced to writing scripts by film director, Jerry Addis, she hopes to build enough skill and recognition as an author to kickstart her career.

Chad Dudley

Service Specialist / Actor / Location Manager

Chad Dudley is an S.C. Actor/Author who has lived in the upstate since 1976. Along with being a published author of several novels, he has dabbled though a number of acting parts. Chad has now applied himself into busting onto the acting scene full fledge with his latest movie roles within the past few years. 

 His experience to attention and character detail certainly shows in his work. Chad’s desire to express and perfect a range of characters and emotions is the driving force to his application into major acting character roles. The love and passion he has for acting is certainly evident with what he delivers in his roles.

Charlotte Paige


Greg Abee


Greg is a 34 year old sports and rock radio DJ and producer, a job which he's held in its various forms now for 11 years. He moved to the upstate from North Carolina after college and has loved it the entire time he's lived here. 

Film work is new to him. He was recruited into it by Charlotte Paige, who's done a lot of film work in the past. He is looking forward to the opportunity to try something new.

Anthony Love


Anthony is originally from Savannah Ga., where he grew up and eventually met his sweetheart in high school. He's been married to her [Patty] for 35 yrs. They have two adult sons and two grand kids, Aiden 7 and Annie 4months that he is very proud of.

He moved his family to Easley, SC in 2001 and is currently employed by a major cola manufacturer.

His acting Carrier (short as it may be) consists of Lead role as a Bride womanless wedding. "I was a true southern Belle dressed in the most beautiful yellow Nomex FireFighting Gear. Complete with Boots, Gloves and Helmet."

He states that his aspirations are to be the best PaPa to his Grandkids that he can be.

Timmie Pruitt

Makeup Artist / Wardrobe

Charles Richardson


Filmmaking has been Charles' passion since childhood. Since graduating from the Carolina Film Institute with a certificate in The Theory and Techniques of Filmmaking, he has founded his own independent freelancing company and has diverse work history including:

•Editing Carolina Ballet Theatre's production of "The Nutcracker," for their official DVD-release.

•Wrote, directed and edited an official music video for the band WVRM, who has toured as far as the West Coast U.S. and Canada. It premiered at Coffee Underground in downtown Greenville, October of 2017.

•Live concert recording and editing for bands including Shaokahn and People of Mars.

•Short filmmaking collaborations with Fricks Studio and Sasha Shu Photography & Arts, which have been featured in the Weird Shorts FIlm Festival, hosted by Tim TV of The Secret Cirkus.

In addition to a project currently in the works with the Berlin-local performance artist known as Shaltmira, Charles has recently begun working with GrateMinds Productions on multiple upcoming projects.

Eddie Blacker

Grip / Actor

Eddie has some experience in production. He spent his time in the drama club of his high school and starred in multiple plays to include "Grease". He has also volunteered at his church in their video production team.

Eddie is a big fan of Jim Carey, Rodney Carrington, Gabriel Iglasias, Al Pacino and Dan Aykroyd, who are just a few to mention but the list is vast.

He has always aspired  to be in film production, wether in front of or behind the camera.

Eddie has lived in South Carolina since 1998, but moved to California in 2001 after joining the Marine Corps and later came back to live here after his contract was fulfilled in 2011.

Vinnis Parnell

Camera Operator / Camera Operator Aerial

Vinnis, "Vinnie" Parnell III, resides in Columbia South Carolina and is the owner of Imagined Films LLC. 

Vinnie is a multi-talented individual who is best known for," Abducted" a short film he directed and co-wrote. Vinnie is a self-taught Cinematographer, Director, and writer. 

Vinnie has only been in the industry a few years and is already making a big impact with his Commercial photography and videography work. 

Vinnie's passion for bringing stories to life through film and the culmination of his work ethic, drive, and attention to detail make him a rare gem set apart from the rest.

Chuck Chapman

Script Supervisor / Actor

Jesse Hopewell

Boom Operator / Set Security

Jesse has been working in the production business for over three years. He mentions he "always finds it as a learning experience. It's also a great way to express myself."

 He says he is very grateful for the opportunity that this production company has brought into his life and also looks forward to many more experiences.

Anthony Argentieri

Boom Operator / Actor

Brandy Blacker


Brandy Blacker is the mother of  3 children and is married to Eddie Blacker. She currently works at a trucking company, while also attending school. she is set to graduate in May 2019 with a supply chain management associates degree. 

She started out in the medical field by getting  certified in surgical technology then grew tired of that and became a truck driver. Now that she has progressed in the trucking industry she  hopes to move up in logistics once school is complete. She doesn't have any prior experience in production, but says she is always up for a challenge. 

"Challenges and being all I can be is what makes me strive, I work very hard. I am very personable and like to have a good time." 

Brandy is well known as an easy going individual who cares a lot about others and tries to do for others before herself. 

 Some of her favorite actors are Tyler Perry, Charlie Hunman and Melissa McCarthy.

 Although she doesn't have much experience with the production world, she loves the idea of becoming a famous actress. 

Braylin Parnell

 Actor / Child Prodigy

Braylin is a 9 year old who's infectious personality captivates and inspires all who meet him. Braylin has been acting for a few years in various skits that appeared on YouTube and recently made his debut appearance, as Jacobi Davenport in the hit short film “Abducted” written and directed by Vinnis Parnell of Imagined Films LLC. 

Braylin lives in Columbia SC with his family and attends Deabrue Agency under the direction of Ericka Deabrue. He is in the fourth grade, and his favorite subjects are Math and Social Studies.

Justin Hopewell

 Set Security

Jerry Addis

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Chad Dudley

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Charles Richardson

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